Disable Autorun on Windows 7

Posted by squidy on Thursday, February 25, 2010

The author finally using windows 7. But the original setting of autorun is on. Author doesn't like it, even more practical. If the autorun is on, virus can take advantage of the gap. So the author decided to turn off autorun blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

To turn off autorun on windows 7 more easily than the previous windows like windows xp. On windows xp, we have to change the registry first, then autoplay can be off. But on Windows seven (7), we just change setting on control panel blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

If we will turn off autorun can follow this instructions,
  1. Select start
  2. Search control panel and then select
  3. Select hardware and sound
  4. Search autoplay, and below it you will find change default setting for media or devices
  5. Select it
  6. Uncheck the use autoplay for all media and devices
  7. Save it and finish
See tou next timeblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

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