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Posted by squidy on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh my God. At the end of month, I am always have same problem. The problem is my internet connection so slow. Maximal speed is 64 kbps. Note: 64 kbps used b(small), not B. So if it translate to kBps is 8 kBpsnangis.

But, i give thank to my God because i still can used internet on my house. Many people can do that. They aren't lucky like me.

Okay, i used internet broadband which the operator name can't be tolddiam. I just give 2 GB by the operator. It will used up between 10 days until 20 days. This date is 26, so my internet connection is so slow.

Sorry if my English are wrong. See you againbabai.

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restry said...

it's so #$%^%@ using slow internet..hahaha..but no problem unless we can't use internet..

eshape waskita said...

we must wise 2 make a best choice

isn't it?

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