Serie A 2010/2011 Calendar

Posted by squidy on Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The top tier of Italian football is known as Serie A. A league system did not start until 1929. Until that time there were annual cup competitions which evolved into regional leagues culminating in a national championship playoff. The official name of the league includes the title sponsor TIM, an Italian mobile phone company.

The league title in Serie A is often referred to as winning the scudetto. The reason for this is that the league champion earns the right to wear a small shield (a scudetto) on their jerseys the following season.

Serie-A Italy 2010/2011 will begin. Some notable games: Roma-Inter will take place on September 26th at the Olimpico in the 5th round. The following week, Inter host Juve at the San Siro on October 3rd. Milan-Juve will take place in the 9th round on October 31st. December 19th brings about a great day of action: Milan-Roma, Fiorentina-Inter, and Sampdoria-Genoa derby.

Speaking of derbies, the first one of the season will be Lazio-Roma on November 7th, and then two weeks later on November 14th will be Inter-Milan. Sampdoria-Genoa will be on December 19th as I said above, and the Puglia derby of Lecce-Bari is back in Serie A for the first time since 2001 and will take place on January 6th.

My favorite team is Juventus. Juventus start the season with a new manager in the shape of Luigi Delneri after Alberto Zaccheroni left the club at the end of his contract. Delneri signed from Sampdoria where he had an impressive win ratio, winning 50% of the thirty-eight matches he managed them for and Juventus could do with him pulling another season like that out for them this year. However, the problem with Juventus is that, while they have a highly experienced squad, the majority of their star players are on the wrong side of thirty. As a result of this, they may tire need the end of the season, but I expect them to do better than their seventh place finish with Delneri in charge for this campaign.

If you want to see serie-A Italy league calendar, you can go to this link.

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