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Posted by squidy on Friday, July 23, 2010

CloudCrowd offers business process outsourcing, helping companies reduce overhead, increase efficiency, and lower costs by breaking large projects into smaller tasks, and distributing them via a proprietary online platform that brings work and workers together.

The company taps into underutilized pools of talent, labor, and creativity to get work done. CloudCrowd offers individuals new ways to make money, achieve recognition, and fit work into their busy schedules

This has been the most amazing program I've seen yet. You complete small tasks but get paid daily. Well you get paid the next day but if you are working everyday it ends up being daily. They pay for things like finding new websites, rewriting website content, and proofreading. They do plan to add more tasks and in all honesty have been bombarded by tons of new workers this week.

I have been paid everyday since I joined and am really impressed with this site. You do need to have a facebook account in order to work since they set it up as a facebook app. So set up a facebook acct before you sign up. I was pay twice(poor, because the job was small). You can see at this image.

If you wan to join CloudCrowd you can click this link, CloudCrowd. Ok, see you next time.

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