Convert Microsoft Office 2007 to 2003

Posted by squidy on Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As adoption of Microsoft Office 2007 becomes more prevalent, the likelihood that you will receive a document saved in the native Office 2007 format grows. If you and your organization are not quite ready to transition to Office 2007, you will still need to open files from clients, vendors, and partners. The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats makes it possible for users of Office 2003 applications to open and edit Office 2007 documents.

For friends who are still faithful also with Microsoft Office 2003, certainly will have problems if there is a file from the Microsoft Office 2007. Constraint must have Office 2003 that we have not able to read the type of file from Office 2007 if not converted to file formats that support Office 2003 formats. Forced if you want to exchange data with users of Office 2007 conceded that changing the type of file can be read by users who use Office 2003

Rather than succumb bother better if the users of Office 2003 to install the converter software from Microsoft that Office 2003 can support files from Office 2007. God willing, able to read Office 2003 files from Office 2007. To download it directly to the site can Microsoft here.

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Nice info... I ussually got dificulties to open Office 2007 files that have send by my friend... its very usefull... Peace :)

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